A review of my Wall Space Gallery exhibition appeared here.

I was interviewed by Aline Smithson in today’s edition of Lenscratch!

The rains have parted here in New England, I’m looking forward to a great summer, hope you are too. There is a lot going on in my world:

1) I’m very excited to announce that My Experiment in Perspective traveling exhibition opens in Santa Barbara, California today at Wall Space Gallery  and runs through July 3rd. Wall Space Gallery also features the work of personal favorites, Tom Chambers, Joelle Jenson, Keith Johnson, Lydia Panas, Ken Rosenthal, Aline Smithson and Grace Weston.  Please have a look – you’ll see that I’m in good company!

2) My new website went live last week with new work! Have a look here: www.chervinsky.org

3) I’ve embarked on a new project called Studio Physics.  My previous work combined drawing and photography, this work combines painting and photography.  I’ve enlisted the help of anonymous painters from China.  You can see some of this work in progress on my new website and read about my reasons for making it.

4) I’ve signed up with the Ellen Miller Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston. The gallery also represents Lori Nix, David Maisel and Ion Zupcu.  If you are unfamiliar with these great artists, please have a look on Ellen’s new website.

5) I’ve begun assembling my Experiment in Perspective series into a book.  To the writers on my list: contact me if you would like to contribute.

It is with a sense of sadness that I retire my old website.  I liked the way it looked, and it worked very well for me over the past 7 years.  It was produced by our good friend, Todd Lemke.  I think that Todd’s natural design sensibility really added to the presentation of my photos and I would like to thank him publicly for his effort and for his elegant design. Indeed, many of Todd’s design elements made it to the new site – and for good reason.

I needed to a different approach however, because it became too difficult to add new images or projects.  I also wanted to have a news page that I could run as a blog to keep viewers easily updated as to my activities. Mary Virginia Swanson has spoken very highly of Livebooks but I was wary of a “one size fits all” template approach. 

The solution, as it turns out is a Livebooks custom design, it offers the best of both worlds.  They have been very accommodating throughout the design process, didn’t seem to mind my exactitude.  It actually made good economic sense too, as they give you a huge break on hosting fees, with a custom design. I was very fortunate to have worked with Ryan Mahar, one of Livebook’s senior designers, I think he did a fantastic job.  He answered all of my questions promptly and never complained that I was bothering him with too many changes to the design.